Phi Group | Companies - Kenda
We believe that positive communication plays a key role in social progress. As production artists, we create audiovisuals and films that are entertaining and inspiring. No matter what the theme is or which age group is targeted, our productions adhere to global standards while maintaining their cultural essence.

As production mathematicians, we add extensive expertise to talent and advanced equipment to guarantee utmost precision and high quality.

As production architects, we ensure molding new perspectives that appeal to clients’ and audiences’ hearts and minds while synchronizing with current changes and future inclinations.

Here are the services Kenda provides:

Cinema Production
  • Drama
  • Documentaries

TV Production
  • Live Programs
  • Recorded Programs
  • Series
  • Comedy Shows
  • Animation
  • Sketches
  • Commercials

YouTube Production
  • Programs
  • Series
  • Animation

Private Production
  • Documentaries & Recorded Films
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Motion Graphic Videos

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